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Metro Apartments in Pattaya Soi LK

Metro Apartments is the perfect and one of the cheapest accommodation choices for those who like staying in Soi LK Metro as they are the nearest option of apartments for rent in Pattaya. Metro Apartments is a bit of a landmark in the street as they have been around since the early days when the street didn't even have its existing name.
The Rooms in the apartment are designed on Thai style and even the bar has look and feel of Thai interiors. The building has a shop-house style exterior like most of the businesses in the street and consists of three sotreys/levels and all the rooms come with a well-stocked mini bar so that you don't have to run down to the nearby 7-Eleven or Family Mart for basic needs. All the Rooms also come with basic amenities that of a 2-3 star hotel such as Cable TV, DVD Player, ceiling fan, air-conditioner, hot and cold water shower and free internet access over Wi-Fi in the bar as well as the apartment. One of the other good things about their rooms is that they also have blackout curtains to help those who like to party in the night to have a peaceful sleep in the day time. Those who can't climb the staircase through the 3 floors, be warned that they don't have a lift/elevator just like most of the businesses in this street. Electronic Safe is available in all the rooms to protect your valuables, king sized bed and refrigerator to store your food and drinks along with their minibar. If you don't have your own DVDs then no problem as they have a Book and DVD Library for you to select and all the rooms also have a private balcony. Daily Maid services for room cleaning, your maid will change the towels daily and beddings are changed every second day and as usual be careful with lubricants and massage oil on the bedding as just like anywhere else in the town, they would have to charge you for special cleaning. A damage deposit of a minimum 1,000 baht (but not limited to) is required. Reception safe boxes are also available along with 24 CCTV coverage for your safety and security.
Two categories of rooms, Standard and Superior and Superior rooms also come equipped with complimentary Tea & Coffee facility and a microwave. As soon as you enter the ground floor, they also have a bar which they call the "Metro Bar" with cheap booze and lots of beautiful Thai ladies which will keep you entertained most of the time.
Bar has an outdoor and indoor sitting area where the interiors are air-conditioned and also consist a few Pool tables where you can enjoy a few games of Pool or Billiards with many of the bar hostesses or even your friends. Many TV screens are available inside the bar which feature various sports channel so if you are a sports lover then this could be one of the places to be for big matches and games. Due to the introduction of "No Smoking Law" in Thailand, they now strictly enforce the smoke-free zone throughout their bar which could be a turn-off for those who like to smoke but a big improvement for non-smokers. Although it is not a complete ban, they do allow smokers to relax and smoke their cigarettes and cigars on the outer/open side of the bar (look for the silver-lining all you smokers, you get to see all the sexy girls of Pattaya as they walk by!). Their bar girls scene works on the usual rules and the Staff are quite friendly and easy to get along with and no matter how many joiners you may have in your room they do not charge for working girls at all. Be careful as they do not compulsorily ask for your accompanying joiner's I.D. so if you wish to do so, please contact their Reception and ask them to hold on to the Joiner ID.
Overall, both the apartment and the bar give a feeling of relaxing atmosphere, certainly worth a stop while you're in the Soi Buakhao or Soi Diana Inn area and an excellent choice for cheap accommodation just 10 minutes drive away from the Pattaya Beach Road or 10 to 15 minutes drive by Baht Bus to the Walking Street. Yes, there are way too many condominiums and apartment choices throughout Pattaya but hardly any of them come so cheap under a bargainable price of less than 1,000 baht per night with hotel like services and in such a nice location.
Golf tours are not arranged directly but the management can guide you to many golf groups which they know.
For the convenience of their customers, Metro Apartments Pattaya also arranges Bangkok Airport pickups at any time of the day or night.
Metro Pattaya Apartments does not accept Credit Cards so all you credit card lovers out there, please bring your cash along!
Check-in time is flexible and official check-out time is at 1 p.m. but if you require late check-out then simply contact the Reception and they will find a possibility for late checkout and storing your luggage.

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