Lolita's is a Gentlemen's Lounge, Bar and Pub in Soi LK Metro Pattaya, Thailand based on the Lolita theme they also have rooms for rent. Read the reviews and view their map.   
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Lolita's Pattaya - A Gentlemen's Lounge
Despite being based on the same concept as most of the bars in Pattaya's Soi LK Metro, Lolitas Pattaya has themed itself to cater to an elegant upmarket clientele making Lolita's stand like a much sophisticated bar operating as a gentlemen's lounge. Furthermore, they also emphasize on a hassle free and laid back atmosphere so that the gentlemen can enjoy a quiet drink or two in their lounge type settings.

Thai Lolitas in Lolita Pattaya
But don't be discouraged all you sexy lady lovers because they do have their own selection of gorgeous hostesses to take your order and just like a traditional bar or agogo these lovely girls will join you for some drinks and conversation as long as you desire. Or if you can still manage to stay alone and away from the charms of shy yet exotic Thai ladies then simply tell them so and as promised by Lolita Pattaya, one can enjoy a hassle free evening all alone by yourself. Free Wi-Fi Hotspot is also available for all the customers.

Free transportation service around Pattaya in a TukTuk
Almost all the venues in LK Metro street target expats, retirees and pensioners but Lolita's Pattaya again differs from most of the venues as they are looking for new and first time visitors to Pattaya beach as they really like providing local knowledge and advice you on where to go and what to do so that you don't get bored but then a single, fun loving man never gets bored in a town like Pattaya which is full of babes and so many choices! So if you're not staying in the surrounding area, they can also make their Tuk-Tuk available to pick you up and drop you off from your hotel in Pattaya.

Play free Pool and Billiards with Lolitas girls
The fun doesn't stop here as they claim that they have some of the youngest Thai Lolitas in town to pamper you and you can also play free Pool and Billiards games with these sexy girls as they blow you away!

Darryl Read performing in Lolitas Pattaya Bar on New Year's Eve
Additional fun and joy is filled in the lounge during evenings and nights with live music entertainment provided by the likes of performers such as Darryl Read (a well known British guitarist/musician), guitar player Kevin Sysyn and Jimmy Sinatra, if you are a live music lover then this can be your favorite spot so relax in the fully air-conditioned interiors designed with a touch of the Owner's unique collection of Vietnamese Art of sexy lolitas and occassionally the bar throws in hog roasts (pig roast), snacks, buffet and drink specials for their patrons.

Live musical performance in Pattaya by Kevin Sysyn at Lolitas in lk Metropole

Christmas Party at bar in Pattaya
Christmas Party celebrations in Lolita's Pattaya - A Gentlement's Lounge & Bar.

Outside Lolitas Pattaya Gentlemen's Club and Bar
By the way, one should be aware that Lolitas in Soi LK Metro (Pattaya) is independently owned/operated and has no affiliation with either Lolitas Bangkok or Lolitas Hua Hin!

Opening times are from 7 p.m. until late.
Music starts at 10:30 p.m.

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