Complete travelling information guide and map of Soi LK Metro Bars, Hotels, A-GoGos, Apartments and Guestshouses in Pattaya beach, Thailand   
Soi LK Metropole Pattaya, Thailand  






LK Metropole
Billabong Hotel and Bar
Champagne Agogo
Kiss Agogo
3Som Bar and Guesthouse
Armageddon Bar and Guesthouse
Britannia Bar
Essex Arms
Mai Lu Si Bar
Murphy's Law
The Golf Club
The Irish Rovers
Pook Bar
Zion Guesthouse
Ya Guesthouse
Bob's BBQ
Metro Apartments
Pasadena Lodge
Areca Lodge
Ya Laundry Express
Yo Yo Tattoo Parlour
Metro Net Internet Cafe
Devil's Den
Conveniently accessible from Soi Diana Inn and Soi Buakhao is the Soi LK Metro, comprising of various bars, guesthouses, go-gos and hotels, restaurants, travel agents, internet cafes and even laundries. This website provides you the latest information about this tiny corner of Pattaya City for free, allow us to be your travel guide and information site to Soi LK Metro Pattaya.
This little street promises not just to be better than Sois 6, 7, 8 and Pattayaland 2, but even better than Walking Street! Nevertheless, no matter which corner you're in, lots of beer, beautiful Thai girls, lovely ladies of Pattaya working as hostesses to please you and accommodation would be your major requirements while you're in Pattaya Beach, so we'll let you be the judge!
And for those who can't afford luxury accommodation, Soi LK Metro in Pattaya would be perfect as they have several guesthouse and apartment in and around this area which provide very cheap accommodation choices.
LK Metro Pattaya
Some of the venues are set up to portray as luxurious gentlemen's clubs and most of them compete with eachother as cheap guesthouses or even short time rooms so it is always easy to find a better and cheaper deal with the least of haggling and the same principle applies to bars and gogos as the happy hours never stop due to the competition, from cheap draught beers, soft drinks and cocktails to spirits.
There's no doubt that there are even more cheaper options for lodging such as lodges, condominiums (studios/condos), villas and houses which are openly available for rent monthly or even longer term rentals in other (less popular) parts of Pattaya where most of the long time dwellers like to stay and Soi LK Metro is renowned as the heaven for retired people, baby boomers, expats and pensioners to party so this can be your cheap home in Thailand! So pack your bags and prepare yourself to get on a journey and travel to Thailand's party town.
Come on over and give it a try, Soi LK Metro Pattaya, Thailand!
Thanks to several emails we received from our viewers, we have now introduced a special page which lists the Most Guest Friendly Hotels of Pattaya (a.k.a. Working Girl Friendly Hotels) and those hotels which have no joiner fees.
LK Metro Pattaya
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