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3som Bar and Guesthouse Pattaya
Quite a friendly bar along with its own cheap or rather economical Guesthouse, a concept followed by many bars in Pattaya and especially in the LK Metropole street.

3Som Bar goes by its name, promoting the "three-some" concept, and encouraging the punters to have more than one companion simultaneously, during their holiday in Pattaya or more commonly known as “Menage a Trois” (French equivalent being "Mènage à Trois")!

Booze and liquor prices are quite reasonable and another fun part about this joint is that most of the staff members, including their girls stay in the premises, hence giving you easy access to booze and babes, and so they are indeed a guest-house where you are a guest!

The management also arranges Golf trips for those who like golfing during the day and play during the nights.

Pattaya girls of 3som bar in Soi LK Metro

The bar has a big screen television with satellite tv feed and the music is mostly that of 60's and the 70's until now, they also have a FREE pool table which the customers can enjoy with the lovely hostesses which are really entertaining. No better way to enjoy pool as you drink, dance and bump into your beautiful newly found partners.

Beginning with only 600 Baht a night (or even less if you can bargain a deal for long stays) the guesthouse offers 3 categories of accommodation, starting with the Budget size to Large Comfortable Rooms. All their rooms have air-conditioning, cable tv, hot and cold water showers, DVD Players, even a microwave, safe deposit vault/box, kettle so you can prepare your own tea and coffee, free Wi-Fi access in the rooms and a large warm bed for those 3some parties. As you may already imagine, they're girl friendly and no hassel of any joiner fees.

For those who like to sleep till late, just one warning, maid services are available 12:00pm (mid-day) till 5pm only so if you want your room to be cleaned, wake up on time! Both ways of transportation from Bangkok International Airport and return can also be arranged.

The owner is an American and tries best to run the place according the standards and manages it well with the Thai staff.

Located on the south side entrance of Soi LK Metro, (that's the Soi Diana Side).

Opening times are flexible and they're open till late!

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